White Unicorn

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This gorgeous white unicorn statue creates wonder and charm when added to a miniature fairy garden. With endless miniature accessories from our collections to choose from, the miniature white unicorn is a must-have! Adding a strong sense of enchantment and evoking a mythical charm, the unicorn can be situated anywhere within your miniature garden to create visual impact. Ideal when combined with some miniature fairy characters and the pink or red sitting miniature toadstools with table - the perfect fantasy scene looks like it has jumped out of a storybook and landed straight in your garden! The miniature white unicorn accessory is symbolic for peace and unity – a fantastic element to use to bring positive energy into your garden. Try combining the miniature white unicorn with the miniature wizard and watch as a mystical fantasy unfolds inside your miniature garden. To create a scene with wizardry and enchantment, introduce mounds of earth to look like hills as well as a running stream for your unicorn to stand in.

Size in centimetres: L 7 W 4.5 H 9

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