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Topiary Hedges create elegance and sophistication in the real world, but now you can choose to recreate a clean and well-kept look with this miniature Topiary hedge for your fairy garden. The miniature fairy garden accessory compliments the Privet Hedge planter and Baytree accessory as well as the sunflower planter for a maintained and beautifully tidy look. Place the kneeling fairy with shears next to the Topiary Hedge to create the impression that she is busy with a spot of gardening and compliment with the copper garden tools and watering can for maximum effect. The Topiary Hedge is also a great substitute for real miniature planter foliage if you are lacking the space to incorporate plants and bedding flowers. Into small spaces. This product is UV stabilised and Frost Resistant.

This product is currently unavailable, although it can be back ordered and delivered when this item comes into stock. Estimated delivery date is 7th June 2016. Thank you.

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