Thymus Pulegioides Aureus

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Thymus Pulegioides Aureus

Thymus Pulegioides Aureus is an evergreen woody-based perennial, highly distinguishable by its bright green lemon scented leaves and its exquisite two-lipped tubular spirals of flowers. Pulegioides Aureus, part of the Thyme family flowers during the spring and summer months in pink, white and purple colourways to add interest to its neighbouring shrubs. For the best results, ensure your Thymus Pulegioides Aureus is planted in well-drained alkaline and neutral soils.

When will your plant flower

  • Late spring to early summer.

Establishing your plant

  • Water well for a few weeks until your plant is established

How big will your plant grow

  • 10cm (4in) High x 30cm (12in) Spread

Where should you place the plant in your garden

  • Full Sun

Will the plant last over the winter

  • Your plant is fully hardy given the correct growing conditions. If your soil has lots of drainage as recommended by Grow Your Ideas. If the plant is sat in wet soil over the winter months outdoors it is unlikely to survive.

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