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One of our most popular designs within our miniature houses collection – the Burrow home is simplistic and natural looking. Nestled into the side of the earth, the Burrow Miniature House takes inspiration from those secret places you find inside woodland areas and along river banks. With a perfectly rounded wooden door and traditional knocker and arrow hinge design, the home looks welcoming and endearing. A circular window with elegant lattice design compliments the smaller features  to the side of the house such as the miniature red post box and unusual looking lamppost hanging from a tree root. The house is a beautiful addition to any miniature garden project or miniature fairy garden. This product is UV stabilised and Frost Resistant.

Measurements: L19.7 cm W 7.4 Cm H 10.5 Cm

Please note that this product has a hollow back and was designed to go up against another garden feature

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