Soleirolia soleirolii Dark Green - Alpine

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This beautiful Soleirolia soleirolii is a member of the nettle family and has a number of common names such as “mind-your-own-business”, “angel’s tears” and “baby’s tears”. With mat forming bright green and yellow leaves, Soleirolia soleirolii has been likened to a moss however, it is a delicate looking herb with beautiful tiny pinky-white flowers during the summer. Growing close to the ground, Soleirolia soleirolii can be combined with other moisture-loving plants however, it does also make for a beautiful feature inside miniature gardens and fairy villages. The elegant looking perennial is fast growing but is easy to maintain and can be trimmed into shape inside miniature planters and troughs for a sophisticated finish. The tiny round leaves which cascade down slender stems add texture and tone to other elements used within a miniature garden project such as soil, pebbles, grass, micro gravel and moss, as well as the larger pebbles and river stones for maximum impact. The elegant flowering heads of Soleirolia soleirolii compliment many miniature fairy accessories such as some of the wooden garden furniture, the miniature planters and some of the fairy gardening tools. The stunning evergreen also known as “mother of thousands” likes to be situated in full sun or partial shade and grows best in moist, but well-drained soil.

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