Sempervivum Collection 18 x 7cm Pots

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Introducing this wonderful collection of established Sempervivums with many offsets. These are established plants which have being grown on for at least 18 months. We will send you a broad colour range of these amazing plants.

We also offer great after sales support to make sure that you get the best from these plants for many years to come.

When will your plants flower


Establishing your plants

Water well for a few weeks until your plants are established

How big will your plants grow

10cm (4in) x 15xm (6in)

Where should you place the plants in your garden

Place in an area that receives plenty of sun and good drainage conditions

Will the plants last over the winter

Your plants are fully hardy given the correct growing conditions. If the plants are sat in wet soil over the Winter months outdoors it is unlikely to survive so it is recommended by Grow Your Ideas that your soil has lots of drainage.

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