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These stunning natural river stones are available in 1kg quantities and can be transformed into a beautiful design feature for both indoor or outdoor uses. The smooth and rounded appearance of a river stone lends itself to the nature and activity of the river itself. Due to the movement and speed of the water, rocks which start off with jagged edges fall to the bottom of the river bed and gradually become smooth as water pressure carries smaller pieces of rock, sediment and silk along its current, weathering each rock down into a pebble. River stones can come in various shapes, textures and shades, some including parts of sediment or quartz in them! Our river stones can be an excellent way to release some creative inspiration into your garden or home. Fusing contemporary design elements together with the beauty and simplicity of nature, river stones can be used in water features, interior craft decor, or to map out stepping stones along your lawn. For some amazing ideas on how to use river stones, check out some project ideas below or learn more about how to create imaginative planter designs by visiting Facebook page for more inspiration.

Pot Toppers and applying River Stones to the sides of terracotta planters!

Terracotta pots don’t need to be plain. Dress them up with a selection of beautiful river stones by adding them to any planter surface. When applying river stones to the side of planters, be sure to use waterproof construction adhesive for those pots that will be outside in all weathers. A combination of light and dark coloured river stones make a fantastic feature which can either be used on their own or mixed with other decorative toppings to create an amazing design element for your garden or conservatory.

Succulent and Alpine Planters!

Succulent & Alpine plants work beautifully with river stones. For a contemporary statement piece in your back yard or garden room, use a combination of coloured paints and mounted river stones to add a splash of vibrant colour and textural appeal to bowls, ceramic planters or terracotta pots. Try warm oranges and rusty reds for a Moroccan style or alternatively go minimalistic with Mediterranean colours for a fresh look.

Make your own River Stone placemats.

Riverstone placements not only provide a practical use but also look great too! Ensure that you use pebbles f a similar shape and size to create a leveled surface to rest a mug on. For the back of the placemat use mesh to prevent scratching to your table. You can choose to either go small or large with a selection of river stones to match your interior, each finish promising to add a unique element to your coffee table of kitchen bench.

Create a river stone bathroom mat.

Creating your own river stones foot mat is an innovative way to integrate elements of nature into your bathroom. Large pebbles can be glued to a plain silicone bath mat, allowing for the water to drain in between the pieces and through the back. Ensure that you use a good waterproof glue for this project. Alternatively why not create an anti-slip pebble mat for inside the shower.


River Stones can be used in combination with large pebbles in the garden for landscaping your way to a tranquil haven. River stones can be used in patterns of circles for a contemporary garden design or alternatively to mark out pathway borders or to compliment fresh flowers and herb beds. Try laying out your large river rocks to act as stepping stone effects across your lawn for a quaint and enchanted look.

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