Red Winged Dragon

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Let us introduce you to Draco the friendly Dragon. He has been waiting for a lovely garden to make his home for quite some time. This miniature dragon ornament for tiny garden projects and miniature fairy gardens is cute and colourful. He can be combined with a number of magic themed miniature garden accessories to really set the scene inside your enchanted miniature garden. Whether you have used an old terracotta plant pot, a hanging basket or a stone trough – Draco the miniature Dragon ornament will fit in nicely anywhere within your design. With plenty of creatures and characters to choose from, you can give Draco lots of friends to hang out with. We also have a fantastic selection of miniature garden accessories to use inside a mystical themed garden, full of magic and potions. Try the miniature campfire along with the miniature wizard with stake character, the miniature baby dragons (set of three) and the cheeky miniature goblin character. Design little running streams lined with pebbles and pathways created from our miniature micro gravel for the perfect magical miniature garden design.

Size in centimetres: L 10 W 7.5 H 13

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