Grey Fan Tail Dragon

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When creating a magical themed miniature garden, it’s important to get a great balance of all elements just right. A colourful selection of miniature plants (Sedums and Sempervivums work great), a number of miniature garden accessories that keep in line with a strong enchanted feel and some characters to create mystique and fill the air with some Hocus Pocus!! This miniature Grey Fan Tail Dragon is cheeky and cute. His large glassy eyes really catch the light in the early morning sun and he looks fantastic when positioned amongst some dense green foliage. This charming miniature dragon is known to be quite shy sometimes! You can hide him pretty much anywhere inside your miniature garden, but it won’t be long before his friendly face pops out at you. The lovely miniature Grey Fan Tail Dragon can be combined with a number of similar styled miniature garden accessories such as the set of three baby dragons, the miniature gazing ball stakes (set of three) and the campfire. Characters which can also work well are the miniature wizard with stake figure and the miniature goblin character.

Size in centimetres: L 7.5 W 8 H 8


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