Fairy Landing Pad Set Architectural Features

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The landing pad set from Fiddlehead creates mystery, charm and enchantment for any garden. Simply find a chunky tree trunk or stump in your garden and attach this little landing post for all of your garden fairies to use for a place to stop and rest. The fairy landing pad set can also be used inside your miniature fairy garden if you have a stump suitable enough. The landing stand consists of a stunning green decorated door, and brown bark roof. A small window can also be positioned nearby to create the illusion that your tree is very much lived in! The accessories to the fairy landing pad set are all weatherproof and will resist rain and sun damage, providing a long lasting feature for your fairy garden for years to come.

Approximate size measured in CM: The hanging door H21 x W12 x D10 and the hanging window H9.5 x W9.5 x D7

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