Fairy Coin - "Make a Wish", Silver and Black

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Make A Wish” Fairy Coin

Fairy coins are a new and innovative way to mark the milestones of your child’s development. Each time your little girl or boy loses a tooth, celebrate by exchanging it for this sentimental fairy coin, designed with a beautiful aged look and engraved on the front with a delicate fairy figure. Tooth fairy coins are becoming increasingly popular, especially for those who prefer the loosing of a child’s tooth to be seen as a memorable stage of their life, rather than a monetary event. These magical coins have been hand delivered by the secret tooth fairy herself and placed under your child’s pillow as a gift for them to cherish for a lifetime. This tooth fairy coin makes for a special gift for your child to receive in the morning and adds a real sense of excitement and magic to a milestone that can sometimes be considered a daunting time for a child! Collect all three of these unique fairy coins to mark memorable occasions between parent and child. This particular design is etched in the words “Make a Wish” and is a perfect gift to keep at extended family members’ homes such as Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents – you never know where and when a tooth is going to come out! This keepsake fairy money also makes great gifts at baby showers too!

Measures 3.5 cm in diameter

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