Dwarf Rhododendron: Baden-Baden

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Dwarf Rhododendron Baden Baden is most recognized for its distinctive red waxy textured flowers with interesting spotting and veining patterns. This variety is very floriferous and look extraordinary when places at the front of a garden border or as a centerpiece inside a large stone planter surrounded by white and cream flowers. Dwarf Rhododendron Baden Baden is a small plant bred by Hobbie and takes its name from the German town. As well as being recommended for containers and small gardens it can also reach up to around 40cm – 60cm in height over around ten years of care. The dense hybrid is a beautifully eye catching plant and also helps to break up areas with a lot of greenery. The leaves of Baden Baden Rhododendron are distinctively dark green with a unique pointed and twisted shape that easily catch the eye. Unlike other hardy alpines, the plant likes to be positioned in a cooler spot with access to shade.

When will your plant flower


Establishing your plant

Water well for a few weeks until your plant is established

How big will your plant grow

60cm (24in) High x 60cm (24in) Width

Where should you place the plant in your garden

Partial shade

Will the plant last over the winter

Your plant is fully hardy given the correct growing conditions. If the plant is sat in wet soil over the winter months outdoors it is unlikely to survive so it is recommended by Grow Your Ideas that your soil is well drained.

Plant supplied in 9cm Pot


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