Dwarf Conifer: Thuja Plicata Rogersii

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Thuja Plicata Rogersii is a stunning slow growing conifer. It reaches a mature height of 30cm and a width of 45cm making it an ideal choice for positioning inside rock gardens. The confider provides all round interest throughout the year and also works great when positioned in the middle of a border. Thuja Plicata Rogersil is a hardy conifer throughout the British Isles and has many uses inside gardens. It can effectively help to create a small border for privacy as well as some dense foliage for insects. This variety of conifer is great for breaking colour up inside gardens and will grow no more than around 5cm a year. The conifer likes to be positioned in well-drained soil and grows well in clay, loam, sand and chalk soils too. Thuja Plicata Rogersil can be shaped nicely during the summer months and easy to trim back if needed. A cute and neat addition to any garden small or large.

Establishing your plant

Water well for a few weeks until your plant is established

How big will your plant grow

45cm (18in) Height x 30cm (12in) Spread after 10 years

Where should you place the plant in your garden

Full Sun - Partial shade

Will the plant last over the winter

Your plant is fully hardy given the correct growing conditions.  Grow Your Ideas recommend that your soil is well drained for the best results.

Plant supplied in 9cm Pot

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