Dwarf Conifer: Chamaecyparis Obtusa Kosteri

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Chamaecyparis Obtusa Kosteri. A stunning member of the family and one which develops into an attractive pyramid shape as it ages. The slow growing conifer grows best in conditions of full sunlight and has dark green glossy foliage which twists in a unique fashion. The shrub creates a sumptuous texture with branches that gracefully layer themselves naturally. The tight, dense grower is particularly elegant and looks wonderful when acting as a beautiful backdrop for a garden rockery or a flower bed. Chamaecyparis Obtusa Kosteri is also an excellent choice for growing inside a container. The eye-catching evergreen will also tolerate dappled shade and requires virtually no summer watering, resulting in an incredibly easy to care for conifer with just dead, broken or poorly formed branches needed to be removes once in a while.

Establishing your plant

Water well for a few weeks until your plant is established

How big will your plant grow

50cm x 50cm (20in x 20in) within 10 years

Where should you place the plant in your garden

Full Sun.

Will the plant last over the winter

Your plant is fully hardy given the correct growing conditions.  Grow Your Ideas recommend that your soil is well drained for the best results.

Plant supplied in 9cm Pot

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