Hardwood Driftwood - 584MM Length 139MM Width 152MM Depth

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Driftwood makes for a breathtaking, decorative focal point. Each unique piece of driftwood that we feature in our collection has been hand selected for its abstract profile and its potential for a plethora of innovative creations. Our driftwood pieces which are versatile enough to be used both outdoor or indoor, encourage an expression of the imagination, its tactile nature helping to transform it into an organic masterpiece native to the wild, wet southern west coastal shores of New Zealand. Our pieces of driftwood originate from the rain forests of the Southern Alps where high rainfalls continually replenish the shores with new and beautiful natural creations which become beaten and moulded by the unpredictable pattern of the elements. The pieces of wood make incredible works of art, driftwood sculptures for the home and are also used for aquarium aquascaping. Driftwood planters are also a unique way to explore the endless possibilities of this natural wonder.

Our awe-inspiring driftwood features can be transformed from simplistic natural formations to unique pieces of artwork for your garden or home. Designs which incorporate vibrant Succulents and Alpines can be incorporated into craft projects to wow your friends and family with a one-of-a-kind focal feature. Add personalised elements to your driftwood sculptures to create masterpieces as a gift to loved ones on special occasions throughout the year. Our driftwood items are available in natural finish or we alternatively offer an additional treatment which consists of an exquisite polishing technique. The method enhances a sense of organic beauty by accentuating each feature’s textural and colour changes.


Driftwood care

Driftwood is reasonably hassle-free to take care of, yet preserving its beautiful quality is paramount to ensuring that its stunning characteristics remain unaffected by the elements, whatever you choose to use it for. Driftwood naturally has a gnarled, weathered appearance, however if not cared for correctly, the aesthetic of your sculpture can deteriorate with time. Outdoor pieces of driftwood need to be able to drain rainwater away, so it is best to display these particular sculptures on a paving slab or a raised stone. Those pieces that are left outside may acquire a silvery patina which is caused by exposure to UV rays over time. Wood treatments are available to preserve the quality of your sculpture. Products from DIY stores such as “Thompsons Water Seal” is an invisible treatment which can be applied twice to protect the timber without affecting the texture and tone of the sculpture. If your piece of driftwood becomes coated in moss or algae over time, pressure washing can remove unwanted materials together with an additional application of fungicidal spray if keeping the piece in damp or shady areas outside. An untreated piece of driftwood will normally last over 25 years however if your chosen piece comes treated with an oil or wax already, then the reapplying of the wax or re-oiling with benefit the appearance of the driftwood dramatically.


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