Extra Extra Large Melon Shell Large Polished 30cm (12in)

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Shells, Pot Toppings, Feature Seashell

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This HUGE melon seashell is truly an amazing specimen measuring 30cm (12in) wide. This melon seashell would make an amazing feature simply on its own. Or if you're feeling a little creative, these melon shells make fantastic planters. We would recommend using either succulents or alpines, if you are considering making a planter from this amazing seashell.

This species of shell which are referred to as bailers due to their large capacity, are commonly known as Melon Seashells. The Melo Melo sea snail is also large and lives in the shallow sublittoral zones of South East Asia and the South China Sea. Melon Seashells offer a simplistic decorative feature to use in dining rooms, bathrooms or display windows. They also look fantastic scattered inside a succulent planter, contrasting against its vibrant green fleshy leaves.


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