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Our hand-picked selection of beautiful glass nuggets can be used for a huge variety of craft ideas or used to stabilise flowers in a quirky glass design. Each nugget is approximately 15mm across the base and a typical 1kg pack will cover roughly 10 square cm. These innovative glass nuggets can be cut using a wheeled cutter for architectural projects and art creations and vary in finishes from semi-transparent to completely see through. The subtle peaches and coral shades of these translucent stones which are available in quantity packs of 100 nuggets, can demonstrate wonderful decorative elements to candle displays and glass vases as well as being designed, cut and polished to look their best under water, allowing light to pass through them and glisten inside imaginative floral displays and wedding table centre pieces. If you are unsure on the shade and gloss sheen effect of our glass nuggets, why not request a sample for you to view first, to guarantee the perfect purchase.

Make your own glass nugget sun catcher!

The translucency and abstract colours of these glass nuggets can be utilised to create your very own sun catcher. These imaginative crafts can be pinned onto your window or attached to fishing lines and planted in the garden. To make a sun catcher from these beautiful glass beads, mount them to a plastic, metal or thin glass base using craft glue, Hi-Bond or hot glue. The sun catchers can be created using a unique pattern of colours and once dry can be finished with a metal hook or a suction cup to cling to windows.

Create your own Bubble Mosaic!

Glass nuggets are so versatile, and what better way to show off their beauty than in a one-of-a-kind bubble mosaic? Applying glass nuggets in mosaic style to any rough surface such as walls, tables, concrete, clay and bricks can provide a contemporary alternative to the traditional flat tesserae. Bubble mosaics can offer not only a visually interesting surface but a textural one too! To create a bubble mosaic all you need to do is clean your surface down and once dry, coat the base with a thin-set tile glue. (Note: you may want to paint your base to add a vibrant background colour if using clear nuggets) Firmly press the glass nuggets into place once positioned to your taste, then allow for the glue to dry. To finish, sponge or polish the glass nuggets dry.

Design your own Glass nugget candle holder!

Candles can create the perfect ambiance in your home or garden room. Our glass beads can add extra finesse to a standard pillar candle holder. Simply place your pillar candle inside a tubular glass vase, filling around the base with a selection of glass nuggets of your preference. Alternatively you may wish to stretch your creativity skills a little further by gluing the flat side of the glass nuggets to the outside of the glass. The lustrous properties of the glass nugget design will allow light to dance through the glass, refracting colour onto nearby surfaces. For a more rustic look, try mounting the glass nuggets onto a ceramic, metal or wooden candle holder. Enhance flat candle trays by sprinkling the rounded glass pebbles in between the candles.

Create the perfect flower arrangement!

Glass beads can be used to accentuate the colour and beauty of long stemmed flowers. Use plenty of these to surround and stabilise your flower stems, suspending your preferred bunch in layers of elegance and vibrancy. Glass nuggets can also be used to disguise the base of silk flower arrangements also.

Make your own glass nugget wall fountain!

Wall fountains add a sense of charm and sophistication to your garden. By simply applying a layer of glass nuggets with waterproof construction adhesive to a plain sheet of acrylic or marine plywood, the base of your canvas has been created! Possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your very own unique design. All you need to do then is to drill a hole into the centre of the board so that you can run the tubing through to make a fountain for the water to run over your imaginative bubbly design.

Glass nugget mosaic design.

Mosaic creations are an innovative way to add a splash of colour to your garden. Glass beads can be mounted to planters, wall boards, glass mirrors, fencing or table tops to create a unique statement piece for your conservatory or shed wall. Arrange the glass nuggets in a neat layout so that each of their sides are touching, relieving the need for grouting. Waterproof construction adhesive is needed for your mosaic design if it is going to be an outdoor project, whilst viscous jewellers glue can be used for indoor designs.

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