Burrow Brick Cottage Miniature House

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Whether you’re creating a magical gnome garden, a fairy village or an eye catching miniature garden planter, the Burrow Brick Cottage is a beautiful addition in between your pretty bedding plants and pebble layered footpaths. The Burrow Brick Cottage can be home to whatever creature you want it to. Fairies, goblins, gnomes or the borrower people! The delicately embellished cottage brings elegance and sophistication to miniature gardens and looks so enchanting once nestled in between some dense green Thymus Elfin or Thymus Silver Posie. The miniature house features a traditional circular knocker door surrounded by a delicate brick design, rounded windows and an arched roof with stone chimney. Outside the door features a barrel, planter and stone steps with green shrubbery around the side of the house to blend in with your colourful miniature flowers. This product is UV stabilised and Frost Resistant.

Product measurements in centimetres: 16H x 21W x 14.5D

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