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Air plant Tillandsia

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Tillandsia Tricolor Melanocrater grows in an upright location, with blades that vary in colour from a yellow-green to a vibrant red hue. If this unique-looking species of Air Plant is given bright light and good moist conditions, it will be a stand-out feature among other plants in the home. Air Plants can be combined with sand and micro gravel inside floating glass terrariums for a real contemporary feel to a kitchen or bathroom. Alternatively they can be added to large pieces of driftwood or planted inside a hollow trunk stump for a rustic, country look. If you are a lover of modern art, why not try framing a single Air Plant inside an empty glassless frame? However you choose to display the Tillandsia Tricolor Melanocrater Air Plant, an elegant and full-of-character feature is certainly promised.

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