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Love Tillys is one of the most established brands for everything needed for making sure that your Airplants thrive.
150 ml spray fertiliser is organically made from seaweed and provides your air plants with all the nutrition needed. We recommend spraying your plants lightly around once a fortnight to encourage the best possible growth and promote flowering. Once you notice a flower spike, it is recommended to feed weekly.
The nutrients in the fertiliser contain mainly nitrogen and phosphorus pentoxide, which is a well-balanced fertiliser to give your plants all the nutrition that they will need.
This silicon is a safe and easy way to get creative with your Air plants. This silicon has been specially formulated to use with Air plants without causing any damage to the plants. This will enable you to attach air plants easily and safely onto a variety of different materials, such as Driftwood, rocks and pebbles, slices of wood,
pieces of cork and many many more materials are only limited by your creativity.

You will receive one tube of 25ml silicon which comes with easy guideline instructions.

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