Air plant Tillandsia MAGNUSIANA

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Air plant Tillandsia

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Tillandsia Magnusiana Air Plant is a species of Air Plant that can be grown horizontally –making it a useful addition for driftwood displays. The plant can also be secured to the inside of a sea urchin shell and dangled with a fine see-through thread from the ceiling – the effect is truly captivating. With so many innovative uses for Air Plants – it is difficult to find a place in your home that wouldn’t benefit from one of these beautiful formations. The Tillandsia Magnusiana Air Plant will absorb all of the nutrients it needs from its leaves, and therefore does not require a root planted inside soil conditions. All Air Plants need a little helping hand in terms of water though, and their health can be enhanced with the odd Tillandsia feed. Place a Tillandsia Magnusiana Air Plant on your desk to give your office a real exotic, feng shui feel.

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