Air plant Tillandsia JUNCIFOLIA

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Air plant Tillandsia

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Tillandsia Juncifolia has distinctly long grassy leaves which appear quite soft to the touch and spread out further than those of the Tillandsia Juncea variety. The Air Plant produces beautiful royal purple flowers and is particularly easy to care for. Air plants need to be sprayed or soaked for 20 minutes once a week and also need a good circulation of air around them. Being small in size, they can be mounted to lots of different features in and around the home. The Tillandsia Juncifolia Air Plant can be complimented with other varieties of Air Plant and used in a combined feature using plant pots, or large seashells attached to fine threads and attached to the ceiling. If you are looking for some unique inspirational ideas to use to enhance the beauty of your Air Plant, try planting one of these stunning Air Plants inside a glass terrariums and combine it with other decorative elements such as micro gravel and river stones.

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