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Air plant Tillandsia

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Tillandsia Circinnata Paucifolia is an unusual Air Plant, best recognised for its green, silvery leaves. Due to the Air Plant’s soilless conditions, the species is great for terrarium displays, where it can be combined with a number of other Air Plants to create a spectacular display of chalky colour and texture. Tillandsia Circinnata Air Plant can also be used for a number of art projects, as well as looking fantastic when potted inside a number of household objects for a unique and abstract look in the home. Air Plants are relatively easy to look after. They require good air circulation and a spray of water every week, as well as thriving in bright lighting conditions. Although Tillandsia Circinnata will look superb in a kitchen or bathroom, it also makes for a lovely office companion and can look equally as elegant in a hallway window or the conservatory. With endless options for displaying Air Plants, you will find it hard to find a spot in your home that would not benefit from the beauty of one of these unique varieties.

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