Air plant Tillandsia BUTZII

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Air plant Tillandsia

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Tillandsia Butzii is an Air Plant most distinguishable for its ability to grow in upside-down or horizontal positions, making it an attractive option to use for securing inside sea urchin shells to display as hanging  ornaments from the ceiling, or from a piece of rustic driftwood. The Air Plant is abstract in profile, with stunning violet flowers during the blossoming period and captivating green-purple hued stems. Tillandsia Butzii will absorb all of its nutrients through its leaves and will need spraying with water once a week. By combining a few sea urchins and Air Plant features from the ceiling with a fine see-through thread, the arrangement takes on the appearance of a group of colourful jellfish, floating through the air. Upside-down Air Plants such as this beautiful Tillandsia Butzii are elegant features to decorate a window with. Like all Air Plants, the Tillandsia Butzii species enjoys areas of bright light for the best conditions.

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