Abalone Paula unpolished EXTRA Large 15cm-17.5cm seashell

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The extra large Abalone Paula unpolished shell bears a beautiful open spiral structure. The thick inner layer of the shell is composed of mother of pearl, giving rise to stunning iridescent colours. The shell is particularly attractive as a decorative object due to these changeable colours which catch the light, creating a rainbow of pearly blues, pinks and green shades on the inside of the seashell . This variety of Abalone shell can be used for many craft projects in and around the home, not to mention its use outside. Inside the home, the Paula Abalone shell can be arranged stylishly in bathrooms to create a nautical-inspired theme for those relaxing bubble soaks. The shell can also be used as a stand-alone element to plant near your soap dish or toothbrush holder - its gorgeous multi-coloured pearly tones complimenting any colour choice, including minimalistic bathrooms.

Please note that this shell is unpolished on the outside. If you are searching for abalone shells that have been polished on both sides, please do check our other listings.

These abalone seashells are absolutely perfect for smudging.

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