6 x Medium Atlantic Scallop seashells 10-11 cm for crafts & culinary use

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Shells, Pot Toppings, Medium Seashells

Grow Your Ideas

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Scallop seashells have often been used for a variety of different projects. Be it for using these amazingly versatile shells as serving dishes for culinary use or simply using them as a soap dish in your bathroom to complete the nautical theme.

These also make fantastic Christmas decorations by simply spraying them with gold or silver and then getting creative using Diamante's following the natural lines of the seashell. Please check the photos in the gallery showing how we experimented using these for Christmas decorations. Please note that you will receive the plain curved scallop and not the decorated ones as these are just for demonstrations to show you what is possible with these shells.

The scallops that we have available have been approved for food standards. However, they will need a thorough washing before use, just as you would with any serving dish. These will also happily survive being placed in the dishwasher.

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